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Two weeks until the marathon… I ran the first 7 miles of the race course today (and back) with my training partner and then drove the entire course. The next two weeks is all about mental preparation. Physically, I am ready to go. I need to rest up, carb load, and stay hydrated and loose. I will be running a 10k on Thanksgiving morning: the Courage House Turkey Trot in Elk Grove to support rescuing girls from sex trafficking. Then the last group run with BeChange on Saturday – 8 miles.

I’ve mentioned the communing with nature that comes from some of the trails I have run on. Besides the rattlesnake I shared

killer chicken attacks runners

the trail with, I have seen deer, owls, bobcats (no mountain lions, but we were looking), and other critters along the trail. But nothing could have prepared me for the day we were attacked by a wild animal…. this one…

Now, before you think, “what, you ran from a little chicken?” Let me assure you that this guys was guarding his territory, which seemed to be the entire street and he was taking his defense very seriously.

I have heard what to do in case of a mountain lion or even a bear. I know how to handle dogs. No one has ever told me what to do in case of a chicken attack.

Dave and I were running and, as we passed the chicken, Dave said “look, the chicken is following us.” Then he ran to the other side of the street (and me – making me closer to the chicken, by the way) and announced “it’s still following us.” That’s when I looked over my shoulder and saw the rooster coming after my ankles and speeding up. I tried crossing the street – I actually said, “why did the chicken cross road?… to get to the runners!” That’s is when I realized that I was NOT going to outrun him. Chickens are deceptively fast. So, I did the only thing I could think of and did what I would do to any attacking animal – I charged and yelled. The chicken looked surprised and stopped. He cocked his head to one side and stared at us as we made our way down the road, without turning our backs on the killer beast.

There are no wild chickens in Oak Park. There are, however, elementary school children without health care… without school supplies… children who have never been more than a mile from their house and don’t have any hope of going to college… except for the hope you offer them by donating to Be Change. Please go to my website and help if you can.


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