A Final Push….

Less than two days from my second marathon and the thoughts that occupy my mind are many.

Is the plantar fasciitis going to keep me from running the way I want to?

Can I really come close to a 4 hour marathon?

How will I feel on Monday?

How cold will it really be?

Has my training been enough, or did I rest too much trying to heal?

Why have I neglected the kids I’m running for so much?

See, I started this whole thing because I was raising money to help BeChange raise money to support elementary school kids in less fortunate parts of Sacramento. The benefits that they have for these kids will change lives. Then I fell in love with running again and seemed to lose a little of my focus about the reason I am running.

It’s great to be able to do something I love to benefit others, but, in fact, if I forget about the reason I’m doing it, then I’m not really doing it for that reason.

I don’t have the financial means to help the way I would like, but I can run. I can go run 26.2 miles and wear a Be Change shirt and raise awareness. The part I have let up on is the making people aware part.

Friends, this is a real need. There are kids in our town that may never get more than 2 miles from their homes. They may never go to college. They may never realize their dreams.

We can change that! But I need your help. 100% of your tax-deductible gift goes to the kids. There are no administrative costs because all administration id donated. Kids will get shoes, school supplies and even get to take trips to colleges to learn about what is beyond their neighborhood.

So, I will run… run for a reason. Won’t you support me and help change some lives?bechangekids.jpg


Truth be told, whether I have achieved my goals this year or failed does not matter, if I am doing it only for myself. This goal matters!

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