Boston Attack

Several friends from my running club are competing in the Boston


Marathon today, but all runners (and in particular distance runners) are joined in a fraternal bond.

Further, as Americans, and as citizens of the world, we are shocked and deeply saddened when senseless violence causes such hurt and loss.

We cry for the injured. We weep for the dead. We mourn with those who have lost family members.

It is difficult, if it is even possible, to process through the ‘why’ of something like this. It clearly happens too often. No legislation can prevent it. No amount of security can stop it. How have we, as a society, become so filled with those who hate or, perhaps worse, feel nothing?

There will be those who will jump out to grab publicity, like they did with Colorado and Newtown. They will drum up support for new ways to control law-abiding citizens. They will ignore the fact that it is not law-abiding citizens committing these senseless acts.

Truth be told, it is these publicity mongers who have the least control over these incidents. I have no idea how to make people care or how to stop hate, but I won’t let it suck me in and I hope you won’t either.

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