Proposition Picks

Several of my friends and readers have asked about the whereabouts of my typical proposition recommendations. I have posted my thoughts about two of this year’s propositions (30 and 32) in my post from September 28 in detail. As usual, I have read the texts of the propositions and try to see past the ads that misrepresent to voters what they will really result in. My thoughts on the others, as far as I have them, are presented here.

Prop 30 – increases sales tax and income taxes on high income earners. The presented purpose is to support schools, however, the text of the law creates NO NEW ACCOUNT and, in fact places all of the increased revenue in the hands of the very politicians that have been mismanaging the state budget for years; in the general fund to be used as the legislators dictate. Recommendation – NO

Prop 31 – Increased accountability and forces a 2 year budget. Recommendation – Yes

Prop 32 – Stops unions from taking money from employees without consent to use for political support. CTA and other unions are trying to convince voters that this law prevents unions from supporting political causes while allowing private industry to continue to do so. The key fact is that a business owner uses his own money or money from his or her company to support what they choose, while the unions take money from employees and use it, in many cases, to support political causes contrary to the employees’ whose money they are taking. Recommendation – YES

Prop 33 – Allows consumers to change insurance providers and transfer their ‘good driver’ discount with them. Recommendation – Yes

Prop 34 – Repeals the death penalty in California. Recommendation – vote your conscience.

Prop 35 – Increases penalties for human trafficking convictions. Recommendation – Yes

Prop 36 – Modifies ‘3-Strikes Law’ to reflect the original intent. Currently, an individual with two violent convictions could get a life sentence for a non-violent conviction. The law would change to only give a life sentence to those with three violent convictions. Recommendation – Yes

Prop 37 – Requires labeling of genetically engineered food. In my opinion this is a waste of money. Recommendation – No

Prop 38 – Increases income taxes to provide funding for schools. This proposition is vague at best. It seems to be poorly written and gives more money to the politicians that have been mismanaging it. I don’t trust them. Recommendation – No

Prop 39 – Restructures corporate tax laws to require companies to pay taxes based on where their business is done, rather than where they have their corporate headquarters. Eliminates the advantage of placing the headquarters of a company outside California when their business is done in the State. Recommendation – Yes

I hope this helps you all make informed decisions. Happy voting!

“Oh CTA, ‘there you go again'”

The biggest problem with the California Teachers Association is that they attempt to use our children in an attempt to blackmail us into paying for their liberal causes. If you happen to lean left, this may be OK with you, but I think it is fairly obvious that their political agenda is much more important to them than are teachers or students.

The CTA support of propositions 30 and 32 illustrate this pretty effectively.

Proposition 30 is a tax increase for high income earners, but also a sales tax increase (supposedly temporary, but I’ve never seen one that is). The CTA is telling us that there will be mid year cuts to education if this is not passed. The truth is that there may be. I didn’t say the blackmail was a bluff. However, the wording of the proposition does not guarantee the funds raised go to education. They go to the general fund, which means it can be spent any way the legislature chooses. The legislature has mismanaged our money so badly, I just don’t see any reason to give them any more. Not only that, increasing sales tax always leads to less buying power and lower consumer confidence. Raising taxes has never had the effect of improving the economy.

The CTA opposes proposition 38 because it does not have the automatic guarantee that mid year cuts will be avoided, but, in fact, the current budget was not approved based on the passage of proposition 30, so it’s failure shouldn’t affect the current budget… I point again to the blackmail.

Proposition 32 limits the ability of unions to take workers’ money and use it for political contributions. Again, if you lean left, you probably don’t mind how the CTA spends the money they collect from teachers to support liberal candidates and causes, so, like the CTA, you might want to vote this down. The argument of unions is that wealthy individuals and corporations can make large contributions, but this takes away the political voice of the unions.

Here is the key difference… wealthy individuals and corporations are spending individuals’ money to support causes and candidates they believe in. Unions, on the other hand, take workers’ money and spend it how the unions want to, regardless of what the workers themselves may want to support. More conservative teachers, for example (I know we are rare, but we do exist), have our dues taken from us to support liberal politicians and legislation aimed at increased government, taxes, and social programs. Not to mention the CTA’s role in taking away parental rights for parents of students in public schools. We are told we can “opt out” of the political contribution part of our dues, but it never ceases to amaze me that when they calculate the part of our dues used for “contract negotiation” it always comes out that the political part is a very small slice – of course, those who get the money are the ones who get to determine this, hmmm. They also make certain that those who “opt out” are not protected if there is any legal action against them.

Truth be told, the propositions determine who gets your money and what they can do with it. I suggest you read them and decide for yourself. I’m voting “NO” on 30 and 38 and “YES” on 32. I’ll decide where my money goes, not the CTA.