Changing Minds, NOT!


Some of my regular readers may have noticed a diversion in my writing from the political arena. While some of that is because I have been focused on running and healing and, thus, my thoughts have also been focused on those things.

I have also been focusing more on mentoring and affecting positive change. No one I have ever met has changed their political opinion because of a blog or facebook post. I had my friends on the right arguing with me. I had my friends on the left arguing with me. While I still have strong political opinions, I would rather spend my energies in more constructive efforts.

Without disparaging him as person, I believe that President Obama possesses a significant character flaw in that he does not recognize when something is not working and, rather than correct it, he insists that it is working. Even if one agrees with the leftist ideals, it is hard to find anything that is working in the present administration as he said it would. The preferred method of dealing with issues has become to blame others or deny failure; i.e. Affordable Care, Benghazi, IRS targeting, immigration, weakening world image in regards to Putin and Iran, etc, etc…

I believe our nation is in decline. I believe that Obama wants to change our position in the world and, although his intent may be noble in his mind, in my perspective, he has done more damage to our country, both domestically and on the world stage, than any other single person in history. I believe his vision for what the United States should be is not good for the world. I believe that the U.S. has always been a world leader and President Obama wants us to be more like part of a world committee.

I do not believe that the Republicans have a solid plan to repair the damage, nor am I convinced that some of these same issues would not have appeared had we elected Mitt Romney. I am fairly certain, however, that it was a bad idea to elect someone without any previous leadership experience and I feel Romney would have handled many of them more effectively. (I should add that Romney was not my choice either.) Barack Obama is an excellent campaigner, but a poor leader. In my opinion, he has demonstrated this repeatedly.

Truth be told, I don’t think he is a bad person, but I’m fairly certain he is a bad presidient.

What Next? A Summary of VOTE08

Obviously, we have made history. Some are claiming that they have helped “change the world” and I think that it is a bit premature for that analysis. Electing an African American president does not change the world or even our nation. The fact that we have elected an African American president is evidence that our nation has changed. When the color of our president no longer matters, then we can say that our nation has truly changed.

Much more important than the color of our president is the policy that will come out of this White House and Congress. What we know or Pelosi and Reid (and others) is that policy can not be liberal enough. Obama has the reputation of being the most liberal in the senate. According to his speech on election night, he wants to unify the nation. If he follows this rhetoric with actual governing from that position we will see two key results. First, the leftist ideologues and press corp that is largely responsible for getting him elected will feel betrayed and be very angry. Second, the nation will unify and the world will see us as less divisive and a stronger ally.

Some are saying; “he is not my president,” but he is our president and he is (or will be) the leader of the greatest nation on earth and we must unite behind our leader. Karl Rove said it best when he told us that we should work with our president, persuade him when we can and oppose him when he is wrong.

There are two aspects of our national circumstance over which President Obama has no control. The first is the war in Iraq. Three possibilities exist; it may be over before inauguration, he may be convinced to let General Petraeus complete the task since the surge is working and progress is being made, he may decide to pull the plug and we will be fighting the same terrorists on our soil within his administration. The second aspect beyond the control of the President (any president) is the economy. Most people blame the president, but Congress, consumer confidence, and economic powerhouses like the oil cartel who set price and production determine the state of the world economy, not the President. A friend of mine described it as dropping a new captain on the deck of the Titanic right after the iceberg was struck… too late, won’t matter. The only thing we can do to save our economy is to cut taxes and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I don’t know how the rest of the country decided, but T. Boone Picken’s plan was voted down in California. Only time will tell how the people will respond, but in the 1930’s we began a rash of new thinking that pulled us out of the Depression. It took 20 years, but, by necessity, brought us to new thinking and new ways of doing things. That is what we need now.

Speaking of California… We voted to preserve marriage, but we indicated that the comfort of chickens is more important that parents talking to their daughters before killing a fetus. Go figure! Meanwhile, we have elected to spend billions on the investigation of the possibility of maybe building a high-speed train. The people who support gay marriage really believe that it is a “right” and so they will continue to fight and have already called for law suits and to place a new initiative on the ballot for the next election. Because they believe that marriage is a civil right, they see this as a battle equal to the “separate but equal” issues of racial discrimination. I hope we can ensure the rights of everyone and still protect marriage, which I believe is not a right, but an institution ordained by God and my religious beliefs and not to be twisted into something that it is not. Governor Schwarzenegger has just announced mid-year budget cuts, including $2.5 Billion from education this year. Teachers will lose their jobs and classes will become more crowded. There is less tutoring available and less support for students in general, but the expectations for standardized test scores continue to be raised. As the saying goes: “we have been doing so much with so little in such a short time for so long, that soon we will be expected to do everything with nothing in no time at all.”

Truth be told, only time will tell what the next 4 years will bring. I pray for my leaders, even (and maybe especially) when I disagree with them. Again I hope that the next 4 years are so properous and posititve that I will want to re-elect President Obama, but I haven’t decided yet. I am certain that it will get worse before it gets better.

New Look, New Direction… sort of

It’s funny, I didn’t really intend to write a political blog. My plan was to be more philosophical… you know, the search for Truth. However, I find myself repeatedly, no, constantly annoyed with the distortion, repression, and ignorance of the truth that reappears daily in politics and in the coverage of such by our esteemed 4th Estate.

I will admit to being a social and financial conservative, but not so far right as many with whom I end up being grouped. Unfortunately, anyone near the center is painted as a right wing nut by the main stream media (especially NBC and affiliates) and attacked by the loons occupying the majority of Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general. I can only guess as to why entertainers (for the most part) get so fervently behind those promoting a socialistic environment which would most likely prohibit them form being so vocal as they are… seems an oxymoronic situation to me… but I digress.

My point is that those pushing a far left agenda and pretending they are honestly portraying the facts often accuse and attack those who are attempting to be balanced as pushing a far right agenda. Seems a situation of “me thinks he doth protest to much.”

I think it is interesting to look closely at the protesters at the two conventions. The first thing I notice is that there are a lot more people protesting in support of far left ideology than far right, not that extremist on both ends don’t get loud. However, the violence from those on the left is disturbing. It was a few years ago that far right protesters were bombing abortion clinics, but now it seems to be a vast majority of protesters are far left. Why, I have to ask, do anti-war protesters in Minnesota feel the need to throw things through store front windows? Is the thinking: “the military did not find WMD’s so I’ll break out the display window of Macy’s?” How does that work? Why do people think 9-11 was an inside job? Did President Bush stand to gain anything from that? Why is Bush blamed for levee’s failing in New Orleans three years ago when Clinton chose not to fix them? Will Bush get credit for the levees holding this week, or will he some how be blamed for the 12 foot storm surge that topped some of those new levees.

It seems to me that we ought to place blame where it belongs, or maybe not at all. Sometimes stuff happens. Those who get paid the big bucks to make the tough decisions do the best they can with the information they have at the time. Just because people disagree loudly does not make them right.

Regardless, my intended refocus here is to find and illuminate real truth. We are not finding it in the media for the most part.

The truth is out there…

The Real Racists in Politics

With an African-American and a woman running for President, it seems unlikely that we could get through the entire campaign without discussing race and gender equality issues. It seems that both have waited for the other to bring it up, but Hillary drew first blood (albeit vicariously) and Barack has since been on the defensive. What has really hurt him, however, are the comments of his pastor, Rev. Wright, and (even more so) the response to that by the press and others. To his credit, Obama has been attempting to run his campaign outside of the race issue, but he was finally forced last week to discuss it at length. The jury is still out concerning the effectiveness of his speech, but it seems to be somewhere between “the best speech on race ever given” and “completely ineffective” depending on who you listen to.

Dinesh D’Souza wrote a great book on the topic, which I read some years ago, The End of Racism. He seems to confirm my own experience that racism now exists, mostly, for the sake of racism. Although there are still individuals with unjust biases towards those of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds from themselves, the barriers that once existed because of color and creed simply do not continue to exist in this country in the form which they once had. Don’t misunderstand me, there are still barriers. But the barriers that now exist are dependant upon an individuals financial status much more than anything else.

Of course there are those who seem determined to perpetuate racism as the cause of all things bad in America. Rev.Wright, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are chief among them. The so-called “Hip-Hop Culture” leads the way in making sure any person of color continues to feel oppressed and repressed. More significantly, they want to make sure that people stay angry and continue to point fingers and place blame.

Not only was Geraldine Ferraro wrong, but she illustrates what is so wrong with the liberal racism. They believe that a black man could not be president without relying on his color to propel him into the spotlight. They believe people of color could not get jobs or educations based on abilities, so they offer affirmative action to compensate. In the public schools we continue to be forced to analyze test scores and general performance according to race and then develop programs designed to help the “lower performing” races.

What is ironic is that when people claim that the need for special programs based on race no longer exists, they are labeled racist and it creates such an uproar that we simply stopped trying to fight it. So racism continues for its own sake.

Truth be told, I don’t mind a woman president, but I don’t want one who wants to be a “woman president.” I don’t mind a president who is black, but I don’t want a “black president.” I don’t want Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to be president because I disagree with their politics. One of the reasons I disagree with their politics is that their policies will perpetuate the divisions in America; along race lines as well as others. The real racists are those preventing the nation from moving past racism by promoting anger, hatred and blame.

Free press?

It always strikes me as odd when people think they get rights without responsibility. Our nation’s press has seen themselves this way for a long time. The New York Times has become an editorial rag, rather than a news source. Our “trusted” television network news organizations have twisted the facts (or ignored them completely) to further their own agendas. The “scoop” outweighs wisdom and, often, the facts. I would like to say that this is a new phenomenon, but it’s not.

Back in the the 80’s I remember Peter Jennings of ABC News covering the Iran Contra hearings. (I still can’t figure out why Congress has proclaimed themselves the judiciary branch and able to hold hearings anyway, but that’s another topic.) For “National Security reasons” countries were given letter codes and individuals number codes during the televised hearings. I was just a young pup at the time, but I still recall Peter Jennings whispering “remember, ‘G’ is China” and wondering why he thought giving that information to the television audience was more important than “National Security.”

It’s not just the US press either. Recently, Prince William’s location in Afghanistan was given up by the press. Not only did this
put him in danger, but it gave the location of hundreds of other soldiers to enemies who watch the news. Who needs intel when they can just watch television or read the newspaper to find out where the troops are? The security of individuals and the war effort against terrorism took a back seat to getting the story out first. Troops had to be moved, William had to come home, realizing that his presence there had now become a liability to his fellow soldiers, but the press got their story.

The situation was discussed on O’Reilley the other night and one guest was a reporter from Las Vegas. He didn’t break the story, but he did say that it had to be done. His opinion was that if they didn’t tell the story, it would be censorship. In case you missed the ignorance (and arrogance) here, let me remind you that the censorship laws refer to the government limiting the press, not to the press limiting themselves. The intent of the “free press” is to protect the people from a corrupt government, not to endanger people, or the country, with careless reporting. In fact, a little self-censorship would do the press and the rest of us, a lot of good.

There is an old saying: “your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.”
Truth be told, it would do the world some good if the press would remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Any freedom ends when it infringes on the freedoms of someone else.