Dave’s Not Here

It has been a few weeks since I received the news that my good friend, Dave, had passed away. He leaves behind his wife and three small children who are now struggling with the challenge of losing their husband and father.

Dave was, perhaps, the best drummer I had ever seen. He also had a firm grip on the values he wished to instill in his children and he made sure every day that they knew what was important and what was expected of them. I am certain that his wife will continue to teach their children those values and that Dave’s legacy will continue for generations. His daughters and son will know their father, even though he left us so early in their lives.

As I said, Dave was a good friend of mine. Our children went to the same school and our wives talked nearly every day. They only lived a mile or so from my house, and yet, I hadn’t seen or talked to Dave in almost a year. Life was busy and we both had our ‘stuff’ going on.

I have become quite fond of saying that “we’ve all got ‘stuff!'” But the ‘stuff’ can’t be allowed to get in the way. As a teacher and a ministry leader at my church, I always expound to others the importance of relationships and that the ‘stuff’ must be put in perspective so that it doesn’t interfere with the relationships. It still does. I get so busy teaching algebra, that I sometimes forget to teach students. I get so busy leading a ministry, that I sometimes forget to connect with the brothers in Christ that I work with.  I sometimes get so involved in being a provider for my family that I am less of the husband and father that I should be. I sometimes get so busy that I forget to be a friend.

I know what Dave would say; “Dude, it’s cool.” But, Truth Be Told, it’s not cool that we let ‘stuff’ get in the way of what is really important.

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