DNF (Did Not Finish)

Four weeks ago, while doing a training run, I tripped and fell. I hit my knee cap full force on a rock. Assuming I had suffered a deep tissue bruise and bone bruise, I iced and rested and stayed off of it.

I was excited to begin my first 50K with no pain. 9 miles in, I was still feeling fresh. Then came the first significant decline. One mile to the road crossing. By the bottom my knee was feeling some pressure and I was feeling some concern. Over the next several miles the pain increased steadily. Finally, on another steep descent into the aid station at mile 21, the pain became too great to continue.

As a competitor, I hate quitting. Everyone I have spoken to tells me that I made the right decision. My next step is to see a doctor and make sure that the injury is only a bruise and just needs time to heal… or find out that it’s more than that.

Truth be told, I would like to write about what we learn from failure and how I can grow from this, but first I am going to feel some self-pity and frustration. I’ll get back to you on the rest.

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