Fiction, Falacies, and Lies… the propositions (part 1)

With the election less than two weeks away, it behooves us to do a little research into the myriad of propositions proliferating the California ballot this year. Let’s tackle the easy ones first: Propositions 4 and 8. I say “easy” because most people fall sharply on one side or the other of these issues.

Prop 4 is the one requiring parental notification and a waiting period for minors requesting an abortion. Opponents would have us believe that this law somehow makes children unsafe. It is not about safe children! I would like to know what is “safe” about my daughter getting an abortion without me knowing about it. Opponents of this are really in favor of two things: the removal of parents’ rights and the unabated access to kill babies before they are born. It seems that parental rights are the only rights that liberals want to do away with. Planned Parenthood makes a huge amount of money performing abortions and the majority of abortions are given to young women, many without their parents’ knowledge. Planned Parenthood loses money when we, as parents, meddle in the raising of our children. One ad proclaims that we should not pass this law because the girl and her parents should be able to decide what happens. That is exactly what this law provides for: that the girl and her parents, rather than some other adult, decide what happens. Don’t let them take our right to be parents and take care of our children away.

Prop 8 is the constitutional amendment to re-define marriage as between a man and a woman. Several years ago the people of California voted on the definition of marriage. Several liberal judges and San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome decided to break the law and choose their own course of action, as Newsome says “whether you like it or not.” This amendment does not remove any rights from any alternative life style. It does not outlaw civil unions or rights to visit a loved one in the hospital or even the right to choose a beneficiary. It simply mandates the term “marriage” be reserved for the union between a man and a woman.

These two propositions have something very important in common. God created marriage for one man and one woman, He created sex for those married couples to express love to each other and to have children. The world (pronounced “Satan”) has perverted both of these God given concepts into selfish and corrupt versions of what the Creator intended them to be. So now, any two (or more) people can be joined in “marriage” and sex can be used for selfish pleasure with no consequences. If a baby is conceived, you can just kill it and you don’t even have to tell your parents.

Truth Be Told, this is not just an election, this is a culture war, and we have to take this country back, one proposition at a time.

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