Flexible Goals

I began the year with some fairly lofty goals. Mainly, I planned to run at least 12 races and at least 1000 miles, including a 50k and a second marathon. Both seemed pretty doable on January 1.

My first injury slowed me down considerably and brought my first 50k attempt to a painful stop at mile 21. However, I could still achieve my other goals if I included a 50k later in the year and kept plugging away at the miles.

I chose to run the Run On The Sly 50k in August. ftr_slyIt was hot, dusty, and a little smoky, but I was not concerned about time and was fairly certain I could finish. Somewhere near mile 12 I stepped on a root, or a rock, or something and twisted my ankle. I completed the run and wasn’t last, but the price for running 20 miles on a sprained ankle was that the favoring of my right caused plantar fasciitis in my left. In case you don’t know, this is a painful swelling of the tendon running from the forefoot through the arch, connecting to the Achilles tendon and on to the calf. In fact, the problem is most often caused by tightness in the calf that does not get properly stretched out. I have been determined to not let this deter me, but I can now see my 1000 mile goal looking very far away.

I have already surpassed my race goal this year, starting 15 races so far (and only leaving 1 incomplete) with two left to go. My times have not improved in the second half of the year as I hoped they would, but I have run some tougher races (Euchre Bar) and increased my distance.

Truth be told, I have two goals left to achieve this year and one of them is infinitely more important than any race or distance.

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