Governator: What Happened?

Five years ago the people of California removed Gray Davis from the governor’s office. The reasons we had for recalling Gov. Davis were mostly centered around his dishonesty concerning the economic situation of the time and his tax plan. Additionally, the fiscal security of or state was in serious jeopardy, most believed, because of the corruption in Davis’ administration. We replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger who promised to protect us from economic corruption and from the extreme special interest groups trying to take over the policy making of our state.

After a one year honeymoon, and subsequent re-election, Gov. Schwarzenegger began to reaveal his true nature and has since been catering to the far left idealogues and doing much of what we elected him to protect us from. Our economy is every bit as bad as we feared Gray Davis would lead us into, the mortgage and real estate market is alarmingly similar to the Enron scandal, and the secular progressives who would destroy our nation are well on their way to destroying California, embraced by the governor.

The most recent evidence of the conversion of the Governator to the left is his switch on gay marriage. He would rather cater to the liberal agenda than defend the voters that he supposedly represents. The governor is completely wrong on this one, for at least two reasons.

First, attempting to turn the issue of gay marriage into a civil rights issue is an insult to those who fought the civil rights fight. Civil rights include the right to own property, freedom of religion, and the right to express one’s self. Civil rights include equal pay for equal jobs, equal protection under the law and equal opportunity. Some may believe that gay marriage falls under the category of equal protection or opportunity; however, neither opportunities nor protections are included in marriage. Marriage is an institution with a long-standing definition as the union of one man and one woman with the intent of forming a family. Marriage is not a civil right. Marriage does not give any couple any further rights than they would have under civil unions or domestic partnerships.

Second, the people have spoken on this issue, at least twice. The governor is supposed to protect us from liberal judges and extreme special interest groups. We, the people of California, passed a law which was overturned by judges with a liberal agenda who told the people that we could only pass this law with a constitutional amendment. Well, here it is. The governor’s job now is to enforce that law, not enable and encourage those who break it.

I have often heard it said that your right to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose. Truth be told, gay marriage is hitting my nose and it is time to stop this hatred toward people of faith by those who would twist marriage, which is created by God, into a perversion of it.

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