He is Risen

images-1A little over 2000 years ago the Son of God, being in His very nature God, having all the power and authority of His Father, made Himself to be one of us to show us how to live and to give us the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is not what we celebrate.

During His life time, Jesus challenged the status-quot. He taught us to live out our beliefs in a way that honored our Creator through serving others. He showed us the path to Heaven. He taught us that we are loved and how to love. He taught about money, politics, sex and relationships. He showed us that faith, hope and love are the basis of everything and that love is the greatest of these… but this is not what we celebrate today.

Nearly 2000 years ago Jesus was betrayed, tried and convicted in a farce of a trial, and sentenced to die for crimes He did not commit. He was beaten and bled and died to pay the debt for our sins. This debt we could not pay because we cannot possibly cleanse ourselves of the sin we have covered ourselves in. His final word, “tetelestai” means “paid in full, completed, it is finished.” As a flawed and broken human, I am more grateful for the Grace afforded by this sacrifice than anything else I could ever imagine… but that’s not what we celebrate today.

Nearly 2000 years ago, today, Jesus Christ’s tomb was empty. The angel proclaimed; “why do you look for the living among the dead. He is risen.” No more powerful words have even been spoken. “He is risen.” Death has no hold on us. The gift of everlasting life has been give to man by God, Himself, through the person of His Son. This is what we celebrate today.

Not all believe in Jesus as the Son of God. Not all believe in God, at all. I read this week where someone said that God, nor Jesus, even exist at all. Truth be told, Jesus is an actual historical figure. He lived. He taught. He died. His tomb was empty three days later. Accept Him as your Savior, or not, but He was here and He did the things He said He would do. He continues to do the things He said He would do.

Celebrate today. Take time to enjoy what God has blessed you with. I hope and pray that you will know Him as I do.

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