Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers have always made great sacrifices. Hannah, the mother of Samuel, prayed and wept for years that the Lord would give her a son. When He finally did, she immediately gave him to the Lord to spend his entire life in the service of God.

Mothers teach us those things that are truly important. One of the most successful disciples of the New Testement, Paul’s protégé, Timothy, reminded Paul of the faith of both his grandmother and mother who taught Timothy to love and serve the Lord so that Paul, speaking to Timothy, says that he is sure that their sincere faith “now dwells in you.”

Among Jesus’ last wishes was that his best friend, John, take responsibility for His mother. Jesus said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son” and to John, “Behold your mother.” From that time Mary lived with John and he cared for her.

My mother played football with me. I still remember her breaking her ankle playing quarterback. She also taught me to cook. More importantly, she taught me to respect women. She taught me to stand up for myself. She made sure I did my homework and was always there to check it (and me). She always expected me to do my best, but always gave me the support I needed when I fell short.

My father instilled in me a desire to provide for my family, but my mother showed me how that support is received. Most importantly, my mother taught me to love God. My Father taught me faith in God’s power, but it is a mother that teaches us to love and, especially, to love God.

And so, on Mother’s Day at least, we honor our mothers. The sacrifices, the lessons, and, most of all, the love that only a mother can give.

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