Hillary shows her true colors

I have been watching the woman who would be queen self-destruct the past few weeks. Her desperation has motivated her to turn her campaign to personal smear tactics. Issues have little to do with the democratic primaries since Obama and Clinton do not differ by much. Concern has been expressed that Hillary will try to get Michigan and Florida delegates to the table and that she will employ the super delegates to win the nomination. Some say that she will not do this because it will destroy the Democratic Party.

Excuse me!? Are you paying attention to who we are talking about here? She has more concealed business deals than a mob boss and she has barely avoided prosecution at least twice. She used state employees to hunt down her husband’s affairs, not to call him out or make him clean up his act, but to blackmail the women into silent submission so he could be president. Don’t think she did that for him. No, it was for her. Her husband’s presidency was only a stepping stone to her own. Hillary Clinton may be the single most ambitious person of our time. She doesn’t care about the Democratic Party, her husband, or this country. She cares about Hillary Clinton being president.

She speaks of experience as if she has any of her own. She mocks her opponent’s campaign style because she has nothing left in her arsenal. She asks the people who they want answering the Red Phone at 3AM when a international incident occurs (and if she is president it will).

Truth be told, I want someone answering that phone who I do not know for sure is a cheat and a liar.

2 thoughts on “Hillary shows her true colors

  1. There is historical precedent: I think you could chalk it up to being famous for something else before running for office (winning WWII, putting up with bill clinton). Still, I can’t help but think that sexism has something to do with it.

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