How to insult a Republican…

Call him a liberal. This seems to be the tact of both Romney and McCain as they battle for Florida’s winner take all delegates primary tomorrow. The fact is that there is no true conservative in the race. McCain, however has several failed efforts to negotiate with liberals to his credit (sarcastic tone intended).

The task falls to the voter to choose between a moderate like McCain or Giuliani, each of whom would be strong on the war on terror, but lean far left of most conservatives, a social conservative like Huckabee, or a fiscal conservative like Romney. It may be that the only way to get a true conservative on the ballot in November would be to morph Mitt and Mike together. If their social and fiscal strengths could be combined we might have something a majority of people could get behind. They would, however need to convince the American people that they are both capable of fighting the good fight on terror and national security.

On the Dem side, the “anybody but Hillary” crowd needs to kick it into a higher gear. Obama has the likability factor, but the Clinton “machine” is still getting the votes. South Carolina was encouraging, but she still leads in national polls, whatever that means. It may be that Obama is so far left that a moderate Congress (if we could get one) could control his policy more easily than they could a Clinton… any Clinton. Of course, you can never tell about the Hillary Clinton. Nobody knows where she really stands, maybe not even her.

Truth be told, if it ends up being Clinton against McCain, I may look at the Unity 08 ticket.

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