Since my freshman year of college (perhaps earlier) I have been fascinated with the world of thought. I am curious about how people come to such absolute conclusions about what is true and I am also curious about how so many people convince themselves, and others, that something that seems to be so obviously false is so completely true. It is somewhat of a cliche to ask the question “What is truth?” But this is, after all, one of the fundamental questions of humanity, along with ascertaining the purpose of life and the concerns that we all have about what, if anything, comes afterwards.

It stands to reason that, if we are going to endeavor to find truth, we must first determine what it is. I first attempted to challenge this question with an extrememly jevinle paper submitted to my freshamn philosophy instructor. My grade was indicitave of my level of thought on the subject. Now, some years later, and hopefully a little wiser, I am drawn once again to this quest.

I am not promising a continuous discourse, but rather, hoping for a periodic discussion that many of you might participate in. I do not intend to abandon my other writings, although the political discourse will soon be fading for a while, but in between my other thoughts I hope to travel a journey towards greater understanding and more unified thought.

I hope you’ll join me and, perhaps, Truth will, in fact, Be Told.

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