Journey Squared

It was Sunday morning when I last said “I have no interest, whatsoever, in running anything further than 10 miles.” I have said it many times, but that was the last time. Sunday afternoon, I signed up to run the California International Marathon.

26.2 miles! My first marathon.

I’m certainly not the first or the only person to make this journey. In fact, without the many others involved this year, I would not have a chance of success. I have joined with Jason Harper and the rest of the Be Change running group ( to train and prepare. They have provided me with a support system and a proven training program. I have a good training partner and the invaluable support of family and friends.

Mostly, I have a reason to run. I was amazed to learn that there are many children in our own community that simply do not have the bare necessities to be successful in school. I can’t help them all, but I can join with others to help some children in Oak Park who do not have medical or dental care… who do not have school supplies… who do not have shoes. Many of these children have never been outside the 4 square miles that make up their neighborhood and they have no hope or dreams of ever doing so.  They do not realize that college is a possibility for them. So I am running for them.

You can help. By clicking on this site ( you can contribute and support me in helping them. My goal is to raise enough money to help three children, because I have three children at home who have everything that they need.

I started running about two years ago with a couple of 5k runs. My running partner talked me into a 10k on New Years Day this year and since then I have run two 10 mile runs and a 5 mile run and a 5k. I have lost 25 pounds from my highest weight (196 at one point) and I decided I had to eat better and do something about that. I have been trying to challenge myself more and more. So, this week, I began a 17 week training program. I learned that I was already running at about the week 6 level and I plan to maintain my current running level until the program catches up with me and then ratcheting it up from there.

As if that is not enough, I also began Insanity ( this week. I am using it for my core workouts in my marathon training and trying to tighten and strengthen the rest of me. I’ll admit, the days where I run AND do Insanity are, well… INSANE, but 60 days from now I should have greater core strength and endurance because of it.

Truth be told, this series will serve as my journal of this journey to mark my progress, to hold me accountable and to let those who may be interested in following me in this to come along. I hope it will also serve to generate some interest in the Be Change cause and inspire others to contribute.

2 thoughts on “Journey Squared

  1. You will do awesome! Insanity is so great-Matt and I are doing it again because we loved it so much. And remember, when you are feeling down, “diiigggg deeeepppperrr!” 🙂

  2. Who is this moron who pushed you to do a 10K and two ten mile trail runs? Some running addict?

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