Just 16… Or 20

Ask any long distance runner how far they are running and they will probably answer “just __ miles today.” It is sort of the runners’ version of trash talk, but it also feeds the runners’ motivation.

As our training runs get longer I had to change my attitude. This week we were scheduled to run 16 miles. In preparing mentally I had to sop thinking about how far it is and start thinking that it is “just 16 miles.”

Wednesday evening I turned my ankle at the beginning of my 8 mile run. When I stepped in the hole or on the rock I could feel my ankle turn and the side of my foot roll over onto the ground. My first thought was “this could be bad,” but it was immediately followed by “oh, good, no pop.” I ran the 8 miles and iced later. The next day I bought a brace. It’s too close to stop training now.

Today we started on our 16 mile run and it grew to almost 20. A little sore, but overall, feeling pretty good.

I haven’t given up on completing my first marathons and I haven’t given up on raising money to help the students of Oak Park either. I know times are tough and money is tight for all of us, but this makes it all the more difficult for lower income families to provide so much for their children. Please help with whatever you can by going to http://grouprev.com/kirkmcmorris and contributing to my cause.

The marathon is just 26 miles. The kids are worth it.

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