Let me explain…

There was actually a lot of thought put into this new layout.

The painting on the right is of the disciples on the Sea of Galilee. I don’t know if it is the time when Jesus was sleeping on the boat or when He walked to them on the water, but either way, Jesus calmed the storm. Life is like that. We get tossed around by life. Often it seems we can only react to it, but Jesus can calm the storms. He walks across them as if the are not there, because to Him, they are not. Not that God thinks our problems are unimportant, I think He understand what they are to us. So the painting of the disciples reminds me that God calms the storms in my life.

The painting on the left is from Milton’s Paradise Lost, Satan and Sin and Death. The three truest enemies of mankind together and, perhaps, preparing to attack us. Each of these we try to face on our own, each of us does, but we all lose. Death will eventually overcome us all. No one has lived a perfect life and we all sin. Sin destroys us and we cannot be in God’s presence because of it. Satan oversees it all. He is stronger than we are on our own and underestimating him will also destroy us. The battle is constant and one we cannot win, but Christ can and has.

The middle picture is a piece of the Sistine Chapel, where God touches man. This is where miracles occur. When we allow God to get close to us, miracles happen, lives change. The trick is to remove ourselves from the distractions and the mess that daily surrounds us and clear the way for God to get as close to us as He wants to be.

Not many of us have the time to take a vacation for a week. Very few can go on a retreat or escape the distractions of life for an extended period of time. However, taking 15 to 20 minutes every day and spending it with God can go a long way to clearing the garbage so that we can let Him closer. God wants to change lives. He wants to perform miracles. He wants His children to notice.

Take a minute, or 20, and let Him talk to you. Truth be told, He wants to tell you that He loves you, listen… it can change your life.

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