Lying Liars and the Lies They Lie

“I was trying to save the rabbit.” Jimmy Carter

“I did not have sex with that woman.” Bill Clinton

“I did not bow to the Saudi King.” Barack Obama

Not to claim that the right does not ever lie, but it seems to this observer that the left tells obvious lies and does not seem to care. Here we have a sitting president, bowing to a foreign dignitary and denying it when everyone has seen it. We could discuss the lies and why they lie, but no one really knows. It could be that they think the people are so ignorant that we won’t notice or that we just won’t care. Hillary Clinton did the same thing by telling different groups different things, as if no one else would hear about it. It lost her the nomination. Of course, no one lies like Joe Biden. He says things that are easily disproved and doesn’t seem to care. The other day I was watching a baseball game where he kept trying to say that he played college baseball (although he kept interrupting himself so he never actually finished it). He kept talking, during the campaign, about a coffee shop that he “hangs out in” that has been closed for 30 years. There are many examples, but who cares… he is only the vice president and no one minds if that is an empty suit.

I am more concerned that our president is bowing to a foreign king. He did not bow to the Queen of England. My opinion is that President Obama believes that the way to overcome the “arrogant reputation” the U.S. has with nations who do not like us is to become subservient to them. In actuality, the Muslim world, in particular, sees this as a form of surrender and a sign of weakness. Notice that the king did not return the bow, which is an acceptance of Obama’s subservience (surrender), rather than a mutual greeting.

Truth Be Told, as Americans, we probably have a certain confidence that may be taken as arrogance by others. It comes from nearly 2 and a half centuries of trying to solve the world’s problems. Sure, we make mistakes, but we have always had good intentions. Most of the time we are successful. Our nation is the most prosperous and the most willing to help in the world. Perhaps some confidence, if not arrogance, has been earned. The key is to balance that with humility, but don’t confuse humility with subservience and don’t believe that bowing to another leader earns their respect. Lying doesn’t do it either.

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