Missing the point!

Two years ago, in the mid-term elections, voters sent a loud and resounding message by ousting congressional incumbents in alarming proportions. Democrats in general and liberals more specifically took that as acceptance of their agenda and carte blanch to proceed with higher spending and increased taxes. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are basing their campaign on “change.” Whether they are actually providing a change is up for debate, but let’s suppose they are. What change are they promising and is it what the people want?

The democratic candidates are promising more… more taxes, more government programs and government control in our lives. In essence, they promise socialism from government sponsored health care to open border policies and a “world approval” method of foreign policy. The problem is this isn’t what the voters were upset about. Congress is corrupt beyond belief. Most of our elected officials work half the year or less. They consistently vote themselves pay increases and dip into all types of  money  sources to  provide themselves with travel and entertainment and, let’s not forget, to get themselves re-elected. They represent, not those who elect them, but those companies whose lobbyists best provide for their needs (or wants).

I think I know what the majority of Americans want: safety from terrorists, economic security, and a government comprised of leaders with integrity. Truth be told, with no incumbent running for president, the change that needs to be made is still in congress. Check your local senator’s or representative’s voting record, attendance record, and spending record and then… oust another incumbent!

One thought on “Missing the point!

  1. Hear! Hear!
    I could not agree with you more. I especially appreciated the face that you didn’t designate the party that should be used to replace that incumbent. People should think in regards of the candidate they are voting into office not only the party. I think that blindly voting for only preferred party members in one of the reasons we continually have the ‘old boys’ in a position to suck off the goverment titty. Quality, integrity and substance in a candidate should take precedence over ‘party’. Then we would have a more honorable congress.

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