On The Road Again…

It’s been a while since I have written about running. I was unsure how it was going with my knee and I wanted a good test of my progress.

Yesterday I completed the Sac Town 10 mile race. I had hoped to finish in less than 90 minutes and dreamt of completing it without knee pain. As it turns out, the knee started giving me discomfort around 4 miles. The pain never got worse, but it nagged on for the rest of the race. I gradually slowed and never got back to the pace I had hoped for. I finished in 91 minutes, which is not bad, considering that my last 10 mile race took 20 minutes longer (although it was a trail run). It seems I may be coming along better than I thought.

I am about 100 miles off my pace to reach my of of 1000 miles this year. However, I do plan (hope) to run more miles during the summer. I still have the goal of running 12 or more races this year. In fact, I will be ahead of my target for that, since I am running two races next month. I need to step up the training for my marathon time goal and for my second attempt at 50k in August. I also need to work my ore and arm strength to prepare for the Tough Mudder in September.

Truth be told, the main objective is be healthier and to enjoy the thrill I get from running. That objective is met, many times over.

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