Ready or not…

Saturday will be my second attempt at the Way Too Cool 50k. I have spent more time napping than running in recent weeks and I have never felt so under prepared for a race.


Last year I dropped out due to a knee injury at mile 21. Since then I have completed another 50k, a 25 mile (I did over 30) adventure run, a second marathon and a 25k with some tough hills. However, I have not had a 50 mile week since November and I have gained 5 pounds and lost lots of speed.

I keep telling myself that the rest is what I needed, but I’m not totally convinced. My plan to do other training to make up for lack of running fell by the way side. Basically, I have been a slug.

My plantar fascia has been feeling better… Until I ran 16 on pavement last weekend and aggravated it again.

My hope and my plan is to have fun, enjoy the trail and finish the race ahead of the sweepers.

I need to also keep in mind that I have a 50 miler in a few weeks, a 35k after that and a double marathon adventure run in May. There are many more miles in my future and it doesn’t really matter if I’m slower….

Yes it does! It’s frustrating!

Truth be told, I’m not through improving and the people I like to run with are faster than I am, so I need to get faster just so I can keep up.

Have you felt this way? Share your thoughts on recovering from injury, re-motivating yourself, and getting better with age.

One thought on “Ready or not…

  1. Kirk, maybe Batman had plantar fasciitis too from running with that sideways arm swing….better get rid of the suit and the song from your ipod! Na-na-na-na-na-na…na-na

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