Everybody keeps looking for a “sign.” We know it’s a “wicked and adulterous generation” that looks for a sign, but we keep doing it anyway. We all want more clear direction from God as to what we are supposed to do in our lives. The economy, unemployment, and general stress of the times makes us even more desperate for a light for our path.

I’ve always wanted to do one great thing in my life… to leave a mark… a legacy. On the other hand, I can’t quite seem to settle on just one thing to do. Most of the time I am just looking for the next thing. Not that I cannot be content where I am, I just haven’t been content for very long before I feel the pull to move on. So I look for a sign to show me where to go and what to do.

Others try to point out things that happen to me as “signs” in my life. I know God is all knowing and all powerful, but I just can’t accept that He micro-manages every detail of our lives. I know He protected me last week because I don’t know anyone who has blown out a front tire of a motorcycle and not crashed, and I know it was good for me to be back home to deal with the offer on our house, but I’m not prepared to say that He blew out my tire because He wanted me back home.

Truth be told, I think God wants me to make up my own mind about where I live and what I do and do it in a way that honors Him.

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