Special Election… AGAIN?

I really would like to get away from writing about politics, but politicians keep doing really stupid things and too few people are taking notice. As a people, we just let them keep screwing things up for us. It seems more like we have given up than anything else.

I thought we elected these people to make laws, but all they can do is spend billions on special elections because they can’t make a decision. The special election next week is no exception. We are given six propositions, not so cleverly disguised as one, by giving them the names 1A through 1F, all of which are designed to give the legislature permission to take money previously designated by voters and us it in different ways to “balance” the current budget mess.

My initial thought is that we should boycott the election because it should not even be happening, but the tax and spend crowd would tthen pass all of these and our state would sink further into the abyss we are currently wallowing in. The money has already been spent, so we amy as well do the legislatures job for them… again.

1A creates a fund (from what?) that allows the government to spend however it sees fit and 1C, 1D, and 1E all allow money currently designated for specific purposes by voters to be used elsewhere. Even though some of these would take money from education, the CTA wants them all passed. That’s because the CTA does not care about education, it only wants more taxes for more government. 1B forces the government to pay back the money it has taken from schools this lat year. 1F prohibits pay increases for legislatures while the budget is in deficit. I think I will vote yes on 1B and F.

Truth be told, the legislature put all of these on the ballot because they are incapable of doing their jobs within the confines of the state constitution and the will of the voters so now they want a panicked voting public to give them permission to spend money however they want. Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place?

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