Sudden Gradual Change

Two and a half years ago I bought a new pair of running shoes and started running around my neighborhood. I trained for and ran my first 5k and then ran another with my daughter. I knew I needed to be in better shape and to lose a little weight. I was motivated by my health and the belly that was beginning to make it difficult to see my toes.

A year later I started running with my friend David Bry. He pushed me to run a little further and a little faster. I did it just to keep up with him. He talked me into running my first 10k just 10 months ago. I was content with my new distance, but really enjoyed running on the trails. Since then I have completed two 10+ mile trail runs and a 5 mile run, in addition to another 5k.

I recently discovered running at night. Strap a head light on and hit the trail! I also started running with my dog, Stout, who is 7 months old next week. Somewhere along the 7 mile run I did last Thursday night, I realized I simply love running.

I experienced this again yesterday, while competing in my first 1/2 marathon. Along the way I bested my 5k, 10k, 5 mile and 10 mile times and completed the 13.1 miles 30 minutes faster than I expected. The more I ran, the better I felt and the faster I ran.

I have lost 30 pounds, changed my goal weight twice, and changed my time and distance running habits and goals. A couple of weeks ago I ate a hot dog and, when the mustard fell out the other end (as it always does) I was happy to see that it landed on the ground and not on my shirt. I have met new friends at the Folsom Trail Runners and at BeChange. I will get up at 5 am and drive 40 minutes just so I can run on a 4 mile trail as the sun is coming up.

I am sure the change has been gradual, but it suddenly became noticeable to me. I am a runner! And I love it!

I am still training for my first marathon (California International Marathon) on December 2nd and on track to reach that goal. I enjoy the reaction I get from people when I tell them I ran 12 or 13 or 15 miles over the weekend. They always ask “why?” I just smile.

What I enjoy most is the runners’ high, the euphoria, that comes from running until I can’t feel my legs and I have the sensation of floating over the ground; the sights and sounds and smells of the early morning or late evening joining with the rhythm of my breathing and my pounding heart. I love running with a group of other runners or in the solitude of being on a trail with no one but my God and His amazing creation (and my dog) around me. I often run with music, but I also enjoy running without it. Sometimes I put the headphones in and leave the music off.

Speaking of change… I hope more of you will help me help these kids in Oak Park. It is a great cause and so much is needed there. Even a little bit helps, so please donate what you can and forward this on to others who might be able to help. EVERY penny goes directly to help the kids. All administrative costs and hours are donated.

Truth Be Told, I’d run anyway, but I might as well run for a reason and make a difference.


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