Gentlemen (and Ladies) of Sheldon High School

SSgangA new club was formed at Sheldon High School this year. Junior, Elijah Rasheed recognized that style, fashion, pride in appearance, and manners seem to be missing from many young people today and he wanted to do something about it. Partnering with Mr. McMorris, they formed The Gentlemen’s Club. As you can imagine, getting teenagers excited about a club focused on manners and dress is no easy task, but they kept at it until it was noticed by designer Scott Conner at Sterling Scott ties. Scott offered to create a line of ties specifically for Sheldon High school in colors and themes that exemplify Husky Pride. He offered us a promo code for 50% off and promised to give 15% of profits back to the school.

We gathered a few students and went to LA for a photo shoot and the ties were named for those students. We even had the club featured on Good Day Sacramento.

Our first efforts were to reach students, parents, and teachers. Then we reached outside the school into community, including businesses and the mayor’s office – if you see Kevin Johnson, ask him what Sterling Scott he wears! We soon realized that, even at 50% off, many students could not part with $50-100 for a tie, no matter how much they like it. Through generous donations from the Elk Grove Auto Mall, Crown Realty, and Les Schwab Tires we were able to purchase over 20 Scholarship Ties to give to students that would like one, but can’t easily afford one.

It was amazing to see all the Sterling Scotts at graduation. sterlingscottgradsWe are now able to give close to $300 to the Choir to help with their plaques that they have earned and almost as much to help with the cost of Sober Grad Night. We also have a lot more interest in the Gentlemen’s Club for next year.

If you would still like to purchase a Sterling Scott Tie at a discount, you may do so using promo code HUSKIES33 for 33% off anything on the site.