To sum It All Up… The propositions (part 3)

Well, here it all is. For those of you who can’t fill out and mail that absentee ballot or are filled with trepidation of facing the polling place next week. I know what you’re all thinking: “if only I knew how Kirk was voting on these… then I could make up my mind.”

1A – Take the fast train, or not. This is too expensive. It might be a good idea, but not now. Vote no.

2 – Protect the animals? Truth is, we already have laws for this. We don’t need more money spent to make duplicate laws and form committees. If you don’t like a way a company treats their animals, don’t buy from them. Let the system work. Vote no.

3 – For the Children, or the hospital beaurocrats? We just gave the same people a 10 year bond 2 years ago. What did they do with it? More accountability and no more money until you do. Vote no.

4 – Parental notification. The anti ads say this will endanger children. The only thing it endangers is Planned Parenthood profits. Don’t let a stranger take our daughters to get abortions without us knowing about it. Keep parenting rights with the parents. Vote yes.

5 – Non violent offenders rehab. This is the only measure on the ballot that saves us money. The program has been working, let’s expand it. Vote yes.

6 – Police funding. I hate t be stingy, but things are tough all over. I thought abut voting yes, because I don’t want to hurt law enforcement, but if 5 passes they have the money right there. Vote no.

7 – Energy A. This is the bad one. Not enough results. Creates a committee that will force energy companies to comply, but the consumer will pay much more. Vote no.

8 – Protect marriage. We already passed this and the liberal judges ignored us. The constitutional amendment can’t be ignored. It’s not about rights, it’s not about freedom. It’s about stopping people from forcing their liberal agenda down are throats and forcing our children to learn morals in school that we, as parents, don’t agree with. Ignore Jack O’Connell. Look at Massachusetts. Vote yes.

9 – Victim’s Rights. Victims already have these rights. This is an unnecessary law. Vote no.

10 – Energy B. This is Picken’s Plan. Google it. Sure, he will get richer (he’s a business man), but he may save our country in the process. This will cost more up front, but less to consumers in the long run and will encourage utility companies to develop clean energy rather than punishing them if they don’t. Vote yes.

11 – Redistricting. This takes the conflict of interest out of redistricting an lets a committee do it rather than congress. I usually vote against committees, but this seems like a good idea. Vote yes.

12 – Veteran’s bonds for homes. Give the returning soldiers an easier road to home ownership. Loans should be paid by the home buyers so no net cost to tax payers. Vote yes.

Well, that’s it. I am not going to say anything about candidates right now except that Alyson Huber’s ad really irritates me. It shows her running against some random “professional politician.” The deception is that she is running against small business owner, Jack Sieglock. He isn’t a professional politician. He has done a lot of good in Lodi and his county and now he wants to represent us in the State. Huber couldn’t find anything bad about her real opponent, so she created a fictitious one she could run against.

Truth be told, I think they all get paid. That makes them all professional politicians. Doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “To sum It All Up… The propositions (part 3)

  1. You know what? I WAS actually thinking – I wonder what Kirk has to say about the Props. So, props to you for sharing it. I will likely side very closely, if not directly, to where you have landed.

  2. I just want to point out that Jack Sieglock’s business is a public relations firm (lobbyist) which is politically connected. Alyson has never ran for a political seat until now. Mr. Sieglock was Mayor of Lodi, Lodi councilman and San Joaquin County supervisor which reflects someone who is climbing the political ladder. If you have attended any of Mr. Sieglock’s forums you would have heard him state he does not believe in raising taxes but the truth be told when he raised taxes in Lodi when he was in office.

  3. Yes, Sieglock raised taxes… half a cent sales tax in his program to revitalize Lodi’s infrastructure and public transportation system. Huber has said in a radio interview that taxes need to be raised for “fairness.” Looks like the socialist wealth redistribution fever is catching.

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