Week One Done

Although my running remained about what it was, adding Insanity this week definitely stepped up my over all training. I can’t keep up with Sean T yet, but I did notice an improvement in my running form, I believe is caused by the ab work included in the Insanity workouts. The other thing I noticed was the added stress on my body increased my need for food and for naps.

Running the marathon, even improving my physical condition, is not the main point, however.

There are kids in Oak Park who have never seen a dentist… who do not have the supplies they need for school… who do not believe they will ever have the opportunity to leave their neighborhood for any reason, let alone go to college. We can help them. We spend so much effort, time and money helping people in other parts of the world (all worthy causes to be sure), but we sometimes forget those in need right in our own back yard. Over the next 140 days, I am committed to raise $3000 (enough to provide much needed support for 3 children). My part is to raise awareness by running a marathon. Your part, dear readers, is to pledge your support on my fundraising page (https://grouprev.com/kirkmcmorris). I promise to come through and finish my first marathon. Please be generous in your giving to help these kids.

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