What Happens in Vegas, Stays… on Facebook!

So, I was in Vegas this week for The International Stone Expo and Surfaces. You can read more about why I might do such a thing by checking out CapStone Brazilian Imports on Facebook or on Twitter or at our website. Anyway, I have a couple of observations.

I like the Luxor. I think the architecture is fascinating and the shops and restaurants at Mandalay Place (the bridge between Luxor and Mandalay Bay) are excellent. However, the Luxor seems to be losing its luster to retailers. The shops on the tower side of the Pyramid are almost completely empty.

Everything in Vegas is 3 times as expensive as it is in the rest of the world. On the other hand, once you check in, you don’t really have to go outside at all, and, as I mentioned the restaurants are amazing. I highly recommend Tender and Tacos & Tequila in Luxor, Burger Bar and RM in Mandalay Place and China Grill, the Red, White and Blue Cafe and (my favorite) The House of Blues in Mandaly Bay.

There are at least three Starbuck’s in Luxor and three in Mandalay Bay. They charge 65 cents for water and the Perfect Oatmeal comes with two toppings instead of three (the 3rd is offered at an extra fee – unless you whine 🙂 ) and they do not have free wireless internet.

Truth be told – that makes it a little less than perfect, if you ask me.

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